ALLKOV for "ALL - COVER" was born in a design office specialised in the creation of sports equipment, based in Switzerland in the heart of the Alps.

We are a team of designers who are passionate about sports, and especially about everything that glides like skiing and snowboarding!

Wanting to be sure to take advantage of the upcoming season in these difficult times of COVID-19, and concerned about our environment, we have imagined a solution that meets the recommendations of the European health task forces and that also offers a high-performance use on the long term.

After multiple prototypes and research, we found this 3 in 1 solution simple, comfortable to wear and effective as a means of protection.

We have selected the best materials that we have tested in the laboratory and validated in use.

We have registered models, patents and trademarks in order to guarantee a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Finally, on the bike or on the slopes, you can let loose with your style!

We offer many nice and colourful designs!

It's up to you to enjoy your passions while riding in complete safety!

The ALLKOV team